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what is a gel blaster

What is a Gel Blaster? Working Principle, Safety, and Usage

A Gel Blaster gun is a toy firearm that fires small water-absorbent gel balls. These gel balls are stored in dry conditions and are relatively diminutive in size, comparable to grains. They are crafted from a polymer material capable of absorbing water.

Before utilizing this toy, submerging these miniature spheres in a bowl of water is necessary. After soaking for a few hours, they expand to approximately 7-8mm.

In addition to being referred to as a Gel Blaster, this toy is also known by alternative names such as Gel Ball Blaster or Gelsoft gun.

Gel blasters are similar to a paintball gun and are becoming more popular in activities identical to paintball skirmish and laser tag.

what is a gel blaster

Do I Need Approval to Use Gel Blaster in Australia?

Gel blasters are not prohibited in Queensland and do not require a permit or license to keep. They must be used responsibly per relevant laws and requirements (e.g., importation permits, noise, parking, etc.). Please refer to the information below and visit Council’s webpage on Local Laws.

Depending on where you are using gel blasters and on what scale (i.e., how many people
participating, how often), you may need approval from Council.

Private use (residents at home)

Approval required? NO

Where gel blasters are being used for skirmish by the resident of a house (Dwelling house) and their family and friends, no Council approval is required. It is strongly recommended that you:

do not advertise your skirmish event on social media, SMS or word of mouth, and refer to the Party Safe Program information provided by the Queensland Police.

Indoor sport and recreation (commercial)

Approval required? YES

Where gel blasters are used for commercial purposes in an indoor setting, the activity is defined as Indoor sport and recreation. Indoor sport and recreation mean using premises for a leisure, sport, or recreation activity conducted wholly or mainly indoors.

Approval from Council is required before the activity can be carried out.

Outdoor sport and recreation (commercial)

Approval required? YES

Where gel blasters are used for commercial purposes in an outdoor setting, the activity is defined as Outdoor sport and recreation. Outdoor sport and recreation mean the use of premises for:

A recreation or sporting activity carried on outdoors requires areas of open space; or We provide and sell food and drink, change room facilities, or storage facilities associated with recreation or sporting activity.

Approval from Council is required before the activity can be carried out.

Refer from:

Are Gel Blasters Legal in the USA?

Indeed, gel blasters are entirely lawful in the United States. The primary reason for this legality stems from the nature of the ammunition employed by gel blasters, which consists of highly absorbent water beads that pose minimal to no threat of causing harm.

Is Gel Blaster Legal in Singapore?

An ‘Arms and Explosives License’ must be obtained from the Singapore Police Force to import any gun, arms, explosives, poisonous or harmful gas or toxic substance into Singapore. All goods will be inspected by the Police Licensing Division immediately upon Customs clearance.

Are gel blasters illegal in Japan?

Gel Blasters are legal in Japan. A 3.5 joule/cm2 limit translates to just under one joule for a standard-sized gel ball, so the limit is about 330 FPS for a Gel Blaster in Japan.

Is gel blaster illegal in the UK?

Gel Blasters can only be used in private locations and settings and must not be viewable from any public area.

how does a gel blaster work?

How Does a Gel Blaster Work?

The design of a gel blaster gun shares similarities with airsoft guns, featuring a coil spring-loaded piston air pump and a T-piece positioned ahead of the pump outlet to supply gel beads. The pump is typically powered by an electric motor gearbox assembly operated by batteries. It generates air pressure to propel gel balls from the gun’s barrel.

Alternatively, small compressed gas canisters can launch projectiles when firing.

Regarding operation principles, gel blaster guns resemble airsoft guns, although they exhibit lower muzzle velocity. The gel balls are expelled at a speed of approximately 200 feet per second, which is considered safe for recreational purposes. This velocity is lower than that of paintball but higher than that of splat guns.

Despite the relatively safe velocity, it is still important to observe specific protective measures, which will be further discussed below in the context of gel blaster safety.

How Can You Use the Gel Blaster Toy Gun?

The Gel Blaster toy gun can be used for recreational purposes. It has gained popularity in countries such as Australia (where it is legal to own and use), the United States, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

These guns are commonly employed in tactical games or competitive scenarios, akin to paintball or airsoft, but with the advantage of less mess and more affordable ammunition.

One notable benefit is the affordability and ease of transporting gel beads, the ammunition Gel Blaster guns use. Additionally, these gel beads are predominantly composed of water and can dehydrate into biodegradable slush powder, making them environmentally friendly.

There are also auxiliary products available that enhance the capabilities of gel blaster guns. For instance, gel grenades are available, which disperse a shower of gel beads in all directions upon activation. Furthermore, anti-personnel gel mines are manufactured with plastic clamshell containers filled with gel beads. When deployed, these mines release a barrage of gel beads toward the target area.

Please note that the usage and legality of Gel Blaster guns may vary in different jurisdictions, so it is essential to adhere to local laws and regulations.

how do you use a gel blaster

Is the Gel Blaster Gun Safe to Use?

Due to its characteristics, a gel blaster gun is generally considered safer than airsoft or paintball guns. However, it is essential to acknowledge that inherent risks are still involved. In certain parts of the world, gel blaster guns may be restricted or banned due to safety concerns.

If gel blasters are permitted in your country, it is crucial to prioritize safety for yourself and those around you. Here are the main recommendations to ensure a safe experience:

  1. Eye protection: Always wear suitable eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles, when engaging in gel blaster activities. Full-face masks, similar to paintball ones, can provide enhanced security.
  2. Avoid shooting at sensitive areas: Never aim or shoot at someone’s face, even if they are wearing eye protection. Aim for the body or limbs instead to minimize the risk of injury.
  3. Consent and respect: Never shoot gel projectiles at anyone without their prior consent. Respect the boundaries and comfort levels of other participants.
  4. Appropriate safety clothing: Wear thick clothing with long sleeves, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and gloves to provide additional protection from gel ball impacts.
  5. Keep the gun unloaded: Do not load the gel blaster gun until ready to play, and always unload it before leaving the designated play area.
  6. Use approved gel balls: Only use gel balls that are specifically designed for use with gel blaster guns. Using unauthorized or untested gel balls can be hazardous.
  7. Keep away from children: Ensure that gel blaster guns are stored securely and out of reach of children. They should only be used by responsible adults or supervised adolescents, adhering to the recommended age restrictions.
  8. Follow local laws and regulations: Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations regarding using gel blaster guns in your area. Some jurisdictions may require special permits or restrict usage locations and times. Avoid using them in public spaces unless explicitly allowed by law, opting for designated training grounds or private areas.

By adhering to these safety guidelines, you can have an enjoyable and secure experience while engaging with gel blaster guns.

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