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1 Bottle Crystal Soil Hydrogel Toy Gun Gel Ball Polymer Water Beads Flower/Wedding/Decoration Growing Water Balls gift
1. Please keep them away from your children, especially children under 10, to avoid accidental eating.

2. Do not pour used crystal soil down your drain or into waterways.

3. Due to the effect of light and the monitor’s brightness, slight differences may exist between the photo’s color tone and the actual item!

4. Please allow minor quantity/size deviations due to human measurement.

5. The final expansion size may differ because we can not guarantee each particle’s size and water-absorbing content.

100% Brand new!

Water beads pack rainbow mix growing balls jelly water gel beads for spa refills, kids’ sensory toys, vases, plants, weddings, and home decor.

Crystal soil is a water-absorbent polymer, which can absorb and hold 100-200 times its volume of water for a long time.

They are perfect for creating fantastic table centerpieces for weddings, banquets, or other functions.

Nontoxic, pollution-free, and smell-free tools, magic phenomena, and good elasticity allow you observing how the sea baby growing.

Crystal soil is multi-functional, it can hold more water, so they are ideal mud for soilless plants, and need not watering them everyday.

A nice home decor item by putting the multi-color crystal mud into a transparent glass container, DIY centerpiece craft.

Big enough, you will see many funny shape during the absorbing process.

Each 10 grams crystal soil will absorb at least 1 liter of water and can fill up about 1 liter vase.

Material: Super absorbent polymer
Fully Soaked Diameter(approx.):

Before 2.0~2.2mm/0.078~0.086″, After expansion 6~8mm/0.23~0.31″

Before 2.9~3.2mm/0.11~0.12″, After expansion 13~16mm/0.51~0.63″

Before 6.4~6.7mm /0.25~0.26″, After expansion 30~40mm/1.18~1.57″

How to use:
1. Soak the crystal soil in water by the percentage of 1:200 for 4-6 days. Crystal soil will absorb water and expand in ball shape, you will see funny shape during the process.

2. Leave enough space for them after put this in the water, do not stir them when it growing up. Few broken is normal when it grows up.

3. Drain any excess water with a strainer or colander, and pour finished beads in vases or bowls.

Package Included:
1 Bottle OR 1 Bag of Crystal Soil Beads
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7-8mm-250g, 7-8mm-250g 1, 7-8mm-250g 2, 7-8mm-250g 3, 7-8mm-250g 4, 7-8mm-250g 5, 7-8mm-250g 6, 7-8mm-110g, 7-8mm-110g 1, 7-8mm-110g 2, 7-8mm-110g 3, 7-8mm-110g 4, 7-8mm-110g 5, 7-8mm-110g 6, 7-8mm-215g, 7-8mm-215g 1, 7-8mm-215g 2, 7-8mm-215g 3, 7-8mm-215g 4, 7-8mm-215g 5


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