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How to Make a Gel Blaster

How to Make a Gel Blaster?

In recent years, gel blasters have gained popularity as a fun and exciting alternative to traditional airsoft guns. These toy firearms shoot soft gel balls, providing hobbyists a safe and enjoyable experience. If you’re enthusiastic, you might want to create your own gel blaster. This article will guide you through making a gel blaster from scratch, ensuring a friendly approach to help you create a fantastic gel blaster for your recreational activities.

Understanding the Basics of a Gel Blaster

Before delving into the construction process, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the fundamental components of a gel blaster. A typical gel blaster comprises a gearbox, motor, barrel, magazine, hop-up system, battery, and other internal parts. These components work in harmony to propel gel balls safely and accurately.

Safety First

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority when working on any DIY project. When constructing a gel blaster, make sure to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves. Additionally, work in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhaling any harmful fumes.

Gathering the Required Materials

To make a gel blaster, you’ll need the following materials:

Gel blaster gearbox and motor:

These are the heart of the gel blaster, responsible for propelling the gel balls.

Outer shell:

Choose a suitable outer shell that will accommodate the internal components. You can repurpose an existing toy gun or create a custom shell using materials like ABS plastic.

Barrel and hop-up system:

The barrel determines the accuracy and range of your gel blaster, while the hop-up system imparts a backspin to the gel balls for improved accuracy.


Select a magazine that fits your gel blaster design. The magazine holds the gel balls and feeds them into the blaster during firing.

Battery and wiring:

Choose a battery that provides enough power to the motor. Ensure the wiring is compatible with your battery and motor setup.

Gel balls:

Buy high-quality gel balls designed for gel blasters. These balls expand upon hydration and are safe for recreational use.

Miscellaneous tools:

You’ll need tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, and adhesive materials (such as epoxy) to assemble and secure the components.

Building Your Gel Blaster

Building Your Gel Blaster

Disassemble the outer shell:

If you’re using a pre-existing toy gun, disassemble it to access the internal space for the gel blaster components. Remove unnecessary parts and keep the shell.

Install the gearbox and motor:

Position the gearbox and motor in the designated area inside the shell. Ensure a secure fit and proper alignment for smooth operation.

Attach the barrel and hop-up system:

Connect the barrel to the front end of the gel blaster shell and install the hop-up system. This system allows you to adjust the backspin on the gel balls for optimal accuracy.

Install the magazine:

Place the magazine in the designated slot and ensure it locks into place. Make sure the magazine is aligned with the feeding mechanism.

Wire the battery and motor:

Connect the battery to the motor using the appropriate wiring. Secure the connections and ensure they are insulated to prevent any short circuits.

Test and troubleshoot:

Insert gel balls into the magazine and test-fire the gel blaster. Check for any issues, such as misfeeding or motor problems, and troubleshoot accordingly.

Customization and Upgrades

Once you have assembled a functional gel blaster, you can further enhance its performance and aesthetics through customization and upgrades. Consider the following options:

Accessory Attachments:

Personalize your gel blaster by adding accessories such as scopes, red dot sights, foregrips, or tactical flashlights. These attachments can improve your aiming, handling, and shooting experience.

Motor and Gearbox Upgrades:

If you want more power and performance, consider upgrading your gel blaster’s motor and gearbox. High-torque motors can provide increased firing speed and better consistency, while reinforced gearboxes can handle higher stress levels and improve durability.

Battery Upgrade:

Upgrading to a more powerful battery can enhance the rate of fire and performance of your gel blaster. Look for batteries with higher voltage and milliampere-hour (mAh) ratings, ensuring compatibility with your motor and wiring setup.

Hop-Up System Modification:

Fine-tuning the hop-up system can improve the accuracy and range of your gel blaster. Experiment with different hop-up buckings and adjust the hop-up tension to achieve optimal results.

Painting and Cosmetics:

Give your gel blaster a unique look by custom painting the outer shell. Use durable paint designed for plastic surfaces and apply clear coatings for added protection. Explore different color schemes or even create camouflage patterns to suit your personal style.

Internal Upgrades:

Internal Upgrades

For more advanced DIY enthusiasts, there are more internal upgrades you can consider. Upgrading the inner barrel to a higher-quality precision barrel can enhance accuracy. Swapping out the stock hop-up chamber with an aftermarket upgrade can provide more consistent performance.

External Modifications:

Change the external appearance of your gel blaster by adding aftermarket parts like handguards, stocks, or muzzle devices. These modifications add to the aesthetics and offer improved ergonomics and functionality.

It’s important to note that when performing any customization or upgrade, ensure compatibility of the parts and components with your gel blaster model. Always refer to manufacturer instructions and consult online forums or communities for guidance and advice from experienced gel blaster enthusiasts.


Customizing and upgrading your gel blaster can take your DIY creation to the next level. Whether it’s adding accessories, upgrading internals, or personalizing the aesthetics, these modifications can enhance the performance, accuracy, and enjoyment of your gel blaster. But, it’s essential to remember that local laws and regulations about gel blasters may vary, so ensure you comply with the rules and use your customized gel blaster responsibly and safely. So, unleash your creativity, explore the possibilities, and have a blast with your customized gel blaster!

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