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How Accurate Is A 430fps HPA Gel Blaster?

How Accurate Is A 430fps HPA Gel Blaster?

It’s a common belief that the higher velocity a gel blaster has, the worse the accuracy gets. Today I seek to test that theory by using a 430fps HPA M4 gel blaster by Safari Zoomer Tactical in South Australia!

Man, I know airsoft isn’t available or legal in many parts of the world, but man, this makes me happy to know that it is. That $800 setup on a gel blaster shoots WAY worse than even a $120 airsoft AEG. They are pretty different things, but it’s sad to know you guys are limited to that garbage.

A Muzzletech hop-up would significantly tighten up the grouping & distance. You should do a review on them, I promise you’ll not want to use any other hop-up. No need for an Allen key for adjustments. Simply turn the front of the Muzzletech clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust. Make sure you have 10 to 12mm of the inner barrel sticking out of the outer barrel so that it works properly. I don’t use anything else. It 100% changed my gameplay from hoping some gels hit to know they will.

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